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Bloglines Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Bloglines allows you to read RSS news feeds comfortably in your browser. Like web-based email, it follows you everywhere. Unlike web-based email, it's efficient and spam-free. Get the most out of Bloglines with these tips, tricks and howtos.

Change the Name of an Email Subscription in Bloglines
Give your email newsletter subscriptions proper, distinctive names in Bloglines so you can tell them apart (and know what you are reading).

How to Group and Read Your Feeds by Priority in Bloglines
If you cannot seem to stay ahead of your reading list in Bloglines, organize it to make the task easier and quasi automatic.

How to Hide (and Show) the Feeds List Fast in Bloglines
Getting rid of distractions and focusing on what's essential can be as easy as pressing a key in Bloglines.

How to Open an Article's Full Page Fast in Bloglines
With Bloglines, the keyboard puts you in control. Here's how to open links fast (even in the background).

How to Organize and Read News Feeds in Playlists with Bloglines
You have feeds you read in the morning and feed you read in the evening, but also feeds you read for breakfast as well as for supper? Set up as many playlists in Bloglines as you like for all occasions and add feeds to any matching lists for easy and organized reading.

How to Scroll to the Next or Previous Article in Bloglines
Want to skip an article or post in Bloglines but make sure you do not miss the next? Want to glide through your news with elegance and a bit of speed reading focus?

Ignore Updated Items for Specific Feeds in Bloglines
Do the items in one of your favorite feeds always appear new? Here's how to make Bloglines ignore this and only show you new news as new news.

Make Bloglines Display Updated Feeds Only
Still waiting for the list of your subscriptions to load in Bloglines? Here's a way to speed up the display and make it more functional, too.

Make Bloglines Show Items You Have Already Read
By default, Bloglines refuses to display anything twice. Here's how to make it show you something you've already seen nevertheless.

Organize Your Clippings in Bloglines
Do you have more news items bookmarked for later use than subscriptions in Bloglines? Here's how to keep your clippings prioritized and organized.

How to Read Email Newsletters in Bloglines
Bloglines is not just for RSS feeds. You can also use it to read your favorite email newsletters in its great, universally accessible interface (and you get an automatic archive of your newsletters, too).

Sort Your Subscriptions Alphabetically in Bloglines
Can't find a feed you know you've subscribed to in Bloglines? Here's how to sort them by name to help you search.

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