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Birthday Greeting Cards

Celebrate not another year gone by; celebrate another year ahead, maybe; but certainly celebrate today's birthdays, yours and your friends' alike. Celebrate with a sweet greeting card or e-card, elegantly and easily delivered via email.
  1. Free Birthday Stationery

Favorite Birthday E-Card Sites
Honor the days on which special people in your life were born. Do something creative and unexpected, and send an e-card maybe. Which, of course, can be very unexpectedly creative!

Birthday Cake Drop - Free Birthday E-Card
The sweet surprise comes from above — and via email. Here's the perfect birthday stationery for sweet teeth, dog lovers, slapstick fans and everybody else as well.

Happy Birthday - Free Birthday E-Card
Lovely balloons, nice flowers and, most of all, a happy birthday, these are the things you can send with this wonderful stationery.

Have a Great Birthday! - Free Birthday E-Card
A great birthday needs a great birthday cake — and great birthday stationery.

Best Friends Birthday - Free Birthday E-Card
Lovely e-card for your best friend's birthday.

Bouncing Birthday Balloons - Free Birthday E-Card
Let the balloons bounce, and the music play for a joyful birthday.

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