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Attensa Tips, Tricks and Secrets

You know that Attensa makes Outlook read RSS feeds with style and power, but do you know all these tips that can help you use Attensa to its fullest?

How to Add a Site's Feed to Attensa for Outlook Fast
When the RSS feed icon in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox turns orange, you can add the current site's feed to Attensa for Outlook in really fast and really easy a manner.

How to Make Attensa Clean up Old Items Automatically
Don't know whether you will be able to always read a feed? No problem. Attensa not only download new items automatically, it cleans up both read and, if you want, old unread articles, too.

How to Organize Feeds in Folders in Attensa
You don't need to be habitually super organized to appreciate the clarity and efficiency of RSS feed subscriptions grouped in folders in Attensa for Outlook.

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