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How to Have AIM Mail or AOL Mail File Mail Using Filters


There's the mail you want to read and action within a day. There are the newsletters that are interesting and can wait a week or two. They are all in your AIM Mail or AOL Mail Inbox — identifiable by sender and Subject but still a mess.

Fortunately, you don't have to go through the list manually to spot the immediately important. AIM Mail and or AOL Mail can do it for you and move all these messages to a special folder. Better even — especially if mail from new senders is something you want to catch your eye —, have AIM Mail move all the newsletters and slow stuff to a "bacn" folder.

Have AIM Mail or AOL Mail File Mail Using Filters

To set up a filtering rule in AIM Mail or AOL Mail:

  • Click Settings near your AIM Mail or AOL Mail home screen.
  • Go to the Filters category.
  • Click New Filter.
  • Type the desired filter name ("From About Email to Archive", for example)
  • Define the criteria for which to look:
    • From: mail from a certain sender
    • To: mail sent to a certain address (a mailing list, for example)
    • Subject: mail with a certain word (or a phrase) in the Subject (if you specify more than one word, they need to appear as a phrase for the filter to trigger)
    • Cc: mail that has a certain Cc: recipient (say, you)
    • Bcc: mail where you're not one of the direct To: or Cc: recipients
    • Message Body Contains: mail containing a certain word or phrase (again, words must appear together as a phrase to trigger)
  • Choose the desired target folder from the Move to folder... button under Then move to:.
  • Click Save.

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