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How to Find Email Addresses in Previous Email Correspondence



Find email addresses in previous email correspondence.

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If you are looking for somebody's email address, and you think you have exchanged email with them before, finding their address can be easy.

Find Email Addresses in Previous Email Correspondence

To find an email address in your archive of messages:

  • Use the search feature of your email program or web-based email account to search for the name of the person whose email address you are looking for.
  • Make sure you tell the program or service to look in all folders (even the trash), and in all header fields as well as the full text of all messages.

Search for Partial Names and Nicknames

If you are not successful, try looking for only the first or the last name, for a nickname, or maybe even for something you remember talking about (some people don't use their name in the From: line and have creative addresses).

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