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How to Set Up Yahoo! Calendar iCal Sync


These browsers are made for browsing — text and images and, yes, calendars maybe. For adding events, editing details, shuffling them around and getting alerts, these browsers are okay.

An application programmed just for these tasks is better, you think? Fortunately, adding Yahoo! Calendar to iCal is easy, and lets you access — automatically syncing to and fro — not only events but also to-do items.

Set Up Yahoo! Calendar iCal Sync

To access Yahoo! Calendar in iCal with automatic synchronization of events, calendars and to-do items:

  • Open iCal.
  • Select iCal | Preferences… from the menu.
  • Go to the Accounts tab.
  • Click + beneath the Accounts list.
  • Select Yahoo! under Account type:.
  • Enter your Yahoo! Mail email address under Email address:.
    • If the email address for your Yahoo! Calendar account does not end in "@yahoo.com", do still enter it here, but see the additional steps below.
  • Type your Yahoo! Calendar password under Password:.
  • Click Create.
  • If your email address does not end in "@yahoo.com":
    • Make sure the newly created Yahoo! Calendar account is highlighted in the Accounts list.
    • Go to the Server Settings tab.
    • Make sure your full email address appears under Server path:; the format is "/principals/users/email_address/.
    • If the email address connected with the Yahoo! Calendar account were "me@example.com", for instance, make sure the Server path: field reads "/principals/users/me@example.com/".
  • Close the Accounts preferences window.

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