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How to Add a New Sending Address to an Email Account in Sparrow for iPhone


People who've emailed you can expect a reply from the address they used. They can expect that even though all your addresses deliver to a single inbox — because Sparrow for iPhone lets you set up additional sending addresses for email accounts.

You can change your name (to suit a function, for example), of course, and set up a signature and special outgoing SMTP server for each address.

Add a New Sending Address to an Email Account in Sparrow for iPhone

To set up a new address for sending messages to an account in Sparrow for iPhone:

  • Go to the Accounts sheet in Sparrow for iPhone.
    • From any folder, swipe right twice.
  • Tap the gear in the left lower corner.
  • Now tap Sounds, Signature, Avatar, Alias under the desired account.
  • Select Aliases.
  • Tap the + in the top right corner.
  • Type the email address for sending under Address.
  • Optionally, change the name used for sending under Name.
  • Tap Save.

You can set up a custom signature for each address.

Set an Email Account Alias to Use a Special SMTP Server for Sending

To configure a sending address to deliver using its own outgoing SMTP server (when the default server only accepts mail from your main account address, for instance, or when the special server saves a copy of the sent message):

  • Go to the Aliases sheet of the account for which you have set up the additions sending address (see above).
  • Tap the alias address.
  • Now tap SMTP.
  • Make sure Use Custom is selected.
  • Tap Edit.
  • Enter the SMTP server name under Host.
  • If your server requires a user name and password:
    • Enter your SMTP server user name under Login.
    • Tap your SMTP server password under Password.
  • Tap Save.
  • If your SMTP server requires a special port or if you need to change SSL/TLS settings:
    • Tap OK for the Unable to create account alert.
    • Enter the port number under Port.
    • Make sure Secure is checked only if your SMTP server requires SSL/TLS encryption.
    • Tap Save again.
  • Tap Details.
  • Now tap Save.

(Updated April 2012)

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