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How to Prevent Sparrow from Displaying Remote Images in Email


As you are looking at the image, it may be looking back, duly noting that it has been seen. So, with an image downloaded when a message is opened, newsletter authors can know that (and when) their email has been opened and email senders learn that their message has been received.

You do not want to be watched? Don't download the image. In Sparrow, this is easy. (You can still see select emails' graphics, of course.)

Prevent Sparrow from Displaying Remote Images in Email

To make sure Sparrow does not download images for display in emails (revealing your opening the messages):

  • Select Sparrow | Preferences… from the menu in Sparrow.
  • Go to the Advanced category.
  • Make sure Show remote images is not checked under Conversation View.
  • Close the Preferences window.

View Remote Images for a Message or Sender

To see the images in a particular email:

  • Open the message in its own window or the reading pane.
  • Click once under Images below are not displayed to see images in the message just this time.
  • Click always to see images in all messages from the same sender.

(Updated December 2011)

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