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How to Add an Image or Animation to Your Signature in Sparrow


Every email you send is an ambassador of you and, perchance, your firm. Do you want your ambassadors to be versed and dressed well? For the former, you have your words; for the latter, the words' formatting — and an image (a logo perhaps) added to your signature if you like.

In Sparrow, adding any photo or animation (using an animated GIF image) to your email signatures is particularly easy.

Add an Image or Animation to Your Signature in Sparrow

To add any image or animated GIF to your Sparrow email signature:

  • Select Sparrow | Preferences… from the menu in Sparrow.
  • Go to the Signature tab.
  • Select the desired email address under Signature for:.
  • Drag and drop the image to the desired location in the signature.
    • You can use images from your computer and Finder; these pictures will be sent as attachments.
    • You can also use images from the web dragged and dropped from Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome, for example; these pictures will not be attached and only appear when the recipient allows remote images in your emails and the image is accessible.
    • Make sure you do not use images which you are not allowed to include.
  • Close the Preferences window.

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