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Shortmail - Free Email Service


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Shortmail - Free Email Service

Shortmail - Free Email Service

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The Bottom Line

Shortmail emphasizes easy, fast and effective communication with an email service limited, essentially, to 500 characters per message.
Longer emails can be forwarded, and Shortmail offers simple but effective tools to organize and find mail. Still, hassling senders the way Shortmail does is not without peril, and you may wish for better productivity tools.
Shortmail is no longer available.


  • Without ballast and vouching for brevity, Shortmail may foster better and more frequent updates, notices and emails
  • Shortmail offers IMAP and POP access in desktop and mobile email programs as well as other email services
  • Keyboard shortcuts make Shortmail on the web effective to use


  • Shortmail bothering people trying to send your longer emails need not bring more good than harm
  • Without features to sort, label and organize mail and few search operators, Shortmail may be ill-suited for some tasks
  • Shortmail does not quote at all in email replies and adds an image to outgoing (rich-text) email


  • Shortmail is a free email service that emphasizes simplicity and brevity.
  • Emails sent to and from Shortmail must not exceed 500 characters (about five typical sentences). Quoted text does not count.
  • When a sender mails more, their message is quarantined.
  • You can recover mail from your Shortmail quarantine to another email address manually or automatically for known senders
  • In addition, the long email's sender is alerted and gets a chance to curb their existing message to fit within Shortmail's limits.
  • Shortmail normalizes all mail to legible plain text.
  • On the web, Shortmail organizes mail by contact, group and thread.
  • Email with which you've dealt is archived easily. Global search finds it (and what's left in your inbox) reasonably fast.
  • Silencing a conversation has future messages in it go to the Shortmail archive immediately, skipping the inbox.
  • You can also snooze a conversation until later, when it will automatically turn up in the Shortmail inbox.
  • Keyboard shortcuts make operating Shortmail effective.
  • Where possible, Shortmail lets you know whether an email you sent has been opened.
  • Shortmail includes simple contact management. Gmail address books can be imported easily.
  • Connecting Shortmail to Gmail email imports short messages automatically from the Gmail inbox and forwards long messages automatically from the Shortmail quarantine.
  • It's possible to make conversations publicly visible on the web and, optionally, allow anybody to comment.
  • Shortmail is available for access and use in email programs (and other email services) via IMAP, POP and SMTP. For iOS, a special client is available, and some email programs (e.g., Sparrow) offer Shortmail character counters.

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