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How to Find, View and Recover Quarantined Mail in Shortmail


It's good to get but short mail, to the point and inbox.

What, though, if one of the messages that Shortmail so carefully has curated says something like: "Hi, did you get the email I sent yesterday evening about that birthday soup we've been perfecting? It included all the details…"?

You did not get the email. Shortmail did, however, and — while notifying the sender — has kept a copy. Finding that copy is quite easy, and you can have Shortmail forward it in full to your other email address.

Find, View and Recover Quarantined Mail in Shortmail

To find an overly long email in your Shortmail's quarantine and forward it to your alternate email address:

  • Click the Edit Settings gear in Shortmail.
  • Select Quarantine.
    • The number following Quarantine, if present, indicates how many messages are currently quarantined.
  • Select Forward for the desired email.
    • You can click the subject to preview the full message text.

(Updated March 2012)

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