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How to Get SaneBox Reminders to Follow Up with Sent Mail


A gentle reminder goes a long way. It works for one's self, but it can work for others, too.

If you need a reply within 15 days, for instance, a nudge after 9 days or so might get things on track. Now, of course, you need a reminder that helps you remember sending your reminder email.

With SaneBox, not much is needed. If you copy SaneBox when you send the original message, it will do the remembering and let you know when the time has passed — without your getting a reply. If you have received a reply, SaneBox drops the reminder gently and silently.

Get SaneBox Reminders to Follow Up with Sent Mail

To have SaneBox remind you if you receive no reply to an email you send within a certain time:

  • Add SaneBox as a "Bcc:" (blind carbon copy) recipient.
  • Specify the time for the reminder (if you have not received a reply by then) in the email address's user name:
    • A certain time from now: [time]@sanebox.com , where [time] can be any of the following
      • "m" or "minutes": minutes from now; example: 90m@sanebox.com — in 90 minutes
      • "h" or "hours": hours from now; example: 3hours@sanebox.com — in 3 hours
      • "tomorrow": 24 hours from now; example: tomorrow@sanebox.com
      • "d" or "days": days from now; example: 15d@sanebox.com — in 15 days
      • "w" or "weeks": weeks from now; example: 1w@sanebox.com — in 7 days
      • "mo" or "months": months from now; example: 5mo@sanebox.com — in 5 months
      • "y" or "years": years from now; example: 1year@sanebox.com — in a year
      • combinations: years, months, days or weeks and hours from now; example: 3m5d6h@sanebox.com — in 3 months, 5 days and 6 hours
      • "a" or "am" and "p" or "pm": time of the day (when specifying days); example: 1w9.30am@sanebox.com — in 1 week at 9:30 am
    • A certain fixed date: [date]@sanebox.com , where [date] is a date in the upcoming 12 months
      • "jan", "feb" through "dec" plus the day of the month; example: mar19@sanebox.com — the upcoming March 19
      • "a" or "am" and "p" or "pm": time of the day; example: sep3-3.50p@sanebox.com — September 3 at 3:50 pm (15:50)
    • A certain fixed time: [time]@sanebox.com , where [time] is a time in the upcoming 24 hours
      • "a" or "am" and "p" or "pm": time of the day; example: 7p@sanebox.com — today or tomorrow at 7 pm (19:00), whichever comes first

If the email's recipient does not respond by the specified date and time, SaneBox will copy your original sent mail to your inbox folder. Do not delete your copy from the "Sent" mail folder after sending the original message.

If you set up a reminder for the follow-up email you send and the recipient replies to the original message, SaneBox will not recognize the reply for the the follow-up but will remind you.

Pending reminders are kept in the "@SaneRemindMe" folder. You can also create reminders not connected to a sent message, of course.

(Updated December 2011)

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