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How to Create Email Reminders to Yourself in SaneBox


It is a great joy to remember a few, some, many, most or all things.

How about keeping only select events and times in your head and mind while you set and get reminders for the rest at a common place?

SaneBox can remind you conveniently right in your email inbox. Setting up a reminder is as easy as sending an email, too.

Create Email Reminders to Yourself in SaneBox

To have SaneBox remind you with an email placed in your inbox at a certain — and easily as well as flexibly specified — date:

  • Start a new email to the SaneBox reminder address for the desired time.
    • SaneBox lets you set up the reminder to occur at a certain fixed date and time in the future, or some time from now.
    • You can use all the operators for specifying time that also work with reminders created for sent emails.
    • An email to "3m@sanebox.com" sets up a reminder in three minutes (for tea), for instance, "wednesday-at-7pm@sanebox.com" triggers next wednesday at 7 p.m. (for dinner), and
    • All reminders occur once. You cannot set up repeating reminders with SaneBox.
  • Type the text of your reminder in the "Subject" field of the email.
    • You can leave the message's body blank; it is not part of the reminder you will get.
      If you include notes for your reminder in the email text, you will have to open the message manually in your sent emails folder.
  • Send the message.

Note that SaneBox reminders need not always arrive accurately up to the minute and second. The tea example above might work better for a herbal infusion than for green tea.

While you can delete the email that set up the reminder from your sent items folder and the reminder's reminder in the "@SaneRemindMe" folder, it is not possible to cancel a SaneBox email reminder once it has been created.

(Updated December 2011)

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