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Postbox 3.0 - Email Program


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Postbox - Email Program

Postbox - Email Program

Postbox, Inc.

The Bottom Line

Postbox is a mighty polished Mozilla Thunderbird that brings together fast and ubiquitous search, the powerful Mozilla Thunderbird email underpinnings and conveniences such as a conversation view and some social network integration.
For all its shine, Postbox retains some Mozilla Thunderbird idiosyncrasies while task management, self-learning automation and social networking sites are embraced but half-armedly.


  • Postbox offers a complete email experience competently handled
  • Fast search lets you find related messages, files, images and people
  • Postbox groups emails intelligently; free-form topics help you organize and concentrate on them


  • Postbox does not fully exploit topics and social network integration
  • Task management is minimal and does not include an integrated calendar
  • Keyboard shortcuts are a bit incoherent and settings hard to find


  • Postbox lets you access and manage POP and IMAP email accounts as well as RSS news feed subscriptions and Unsenet news.
  • Fast search, free-form topics (with support for Gmail labels), traditional folders and to-do/pending marks help you organize and find mail.
  • Postbox quickly finds attachments, images (with previews) and links, too; everywhere, within a message and while composing.
  • Integration with social networking and microblogging sites lets you post to the web while Postbox fetches mug shots, company names and job titles for contacts.
  • Postbox can use tabs to keep folders, topics and messages open. A conversation view collects threads, quoted text hidden.
  • A trainable spam filter spots junk, and rules let you automate Postbox in many a way (e.g. to move and delete mail or reply).
  • For new mail and replies, you can set up multiple signatures and canned replies. Files can be sent as attachments, of course, but also as Dropbox links.
  • Postbox makes it easy to set up common account types and sports a unified inbox (which still distinguishes accounts if desired).
  • You can expand Postbox with (at least certain) Mozilla Thunderbird extensions such as Lightning to add a calendar.
  • Postbox supports Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.6/7/8.

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