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How to Send and Archive in One Go with Postbox


Reply, send, archive: the routine is simple. It is not so simple, though, that it could not be made a tad easier still.

In Postbox, you can get a command that combines Send and Archive into one for email replies. It might not save you a single click, but Send and Archive limits the pointing to a narrow region.

Send and Archive in One Go with Postbox

To send a reply and move the original message to the account's Archive folder immediately:

  • Make sure sending and archiving is enabled in Postbox. (See below.)
  • Click the down arrow next to Send in the message's toolbar.
  • Select Send and Archive from the menu that pops up.
    • You can also select File | Send and Archive from the menu.

The message to which you were replying will be moved to the archiving folder; your reply will be kept in the Sent Mail folder.

Enable "Send and Archive" in Postbox

To enable sending and archiving in one go for Postbox:

  • Select Tools | Options… or Postbox | Preferences… from the menu in Postbox.
  • Go to the Composition category.
  • Open the Advanced tab.
  • Make sure Enable send and archive is checked.
  • Close the Composition preferences window.

(Updated November 2011)

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