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How to Send a File as a Dropbox Link with Postbox


Email attachments are safe and useful, each a separate copy of the sent document.

If you already have a file in your Dropbox folder and synchronized — and do not need a copy of the file in its current state in your "Sent Items" folder —, you can spare yourself and Postbox the upload. Sharing links to Dropbox file is as easy as attaching them traditionally.

Send a File as a Dropbox Link with Postbox

To send a file not as an attachment but as a link (downloaded from Dropbox) with Postbox:

  • Make sure the file is in your Dropbox folder and synchronized with the Dropbox service.
    • Dropbox does not have to be running while you send the file.
  • Make sure you are logged into your Dropbox account in Postbox. (See below.)
  • Drag the file from your Dropbox folder (in Finder or Windows Explorer) over the email message you are composing.
  • Drop the file not under attachments as it appears at the bottom of the message composition window but over the email text above.
  • Continue composing your message.
    • You can move the link around; make sure it stays intact, though.

The recipient will be able to download the shared file from Dropbox. This is not the same as sharing a file on Dropbox itself, though, and the recipient will have to explicitly send any changes they make back to you.

Set Up Postbox to Use Dropbox

To sign into your Dropbox account with Postbox:

  • Select Postbox | Preferences… (Mac) or Tool | Options… (Windows) from the menu in Postbox.
  • Open the Advanced category.
  • Go to the Web Services tab.
  • Click log in for Dropbox under Configure the Web services used within Postbox.
  • Log in to Dropbox on the page that comes up to authorize Postbox to use it.
  • Close the Advanced preferences window.

(Updated November 2011)

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