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How to Create Calendar Events from Emails Fast in Postbox


The date and time, thankfully, are in the mail. Now, all you have to do to make sure nobody puts something else on your calendar during the Mongolian journey is opening your calendaring application or site, finding the date, creating a new event, typing in the title and details, and save.

With Postbox, you can get the event from the email into the calendar even faster (if you use Google Calendar, Calendar or iCal). Postbox will open the calendar, find the date and enter the title (at least most of the time).

Create Calendar Events from Emails Fast in Postbox

To create a new event at a date and time mentioned in an email using Postbox:

  • Click the underlined date or time in the message's text.
  • Edit the event in your calendar as desired.
    • By default, Postbox will create an event in Google Calendar if you use Windows and Calendar or iCal on a Mac; see below for using Google Calendar on a Mac, too.
    • Postbox will use the email's subject as the event's title.

Have Postbox Use Google Calendar for New Events

To make Postbox create events in Google Calendar instead of Calendar (or iCal) on a Mac:

  • Select Postbox | Preferences… from the menu in Postbox.
  • Go to the Advanced tab.
  • Open the Web Services category.
  • Make sure Use Google Calendar for detected dates. is checked.
  • Close the Advanced preferences window.

(Updated November 2011)

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