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How to Edit the From: Line on the Fly in MailMate


Want to send an email slightly incognito and not giving away your name? Want to add a title or job to the From: line of just this message?

In MailMate, you can do both easily. With but a few simple steps, you can edit the From: line of a single message easily and freely — without options, configuration and permanent changes.

Edit the From: Line on the Fly in MailMate

To change the From: line of an email you send in MailMate (to edit the name, for instance, or email address):

  • Click From: in the message's toolbar right above its text.
    • If you do not see From:, you will have to add another email account and identity to MailMate.
  • Optionally, select the identity you want to edit (if you change just the name, for example) and click From: again.
  • Select Customize… from the menu that comes up.
  • Make any changes to the From: line.
    • You can add a comment to your name, for instance. If your mail and address read "First Last ", e.g., you could change it to "First Last (Comment) ).
  • Click OK.

(Updated January 2012)

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