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MailMate 1.5 - Mac Email Program


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MailMate - Email Program

MailMate - Email Program

Freron Software

The Bottom Line

MailMate is a refreshingly efficient way to deal with mail in IMAP accounts, all with handy keyboard shortcuts, superior search and precise smart folders.
MailMate only works only with IMAP, though, and it does not offer a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor for sending rich-text messages. A tad more polish and some help composing messages in addition to organizing them would be nice.


  • MailMate lets you organize and find mail with precision; search terms auto-complete to boot
  • Handy and mindful keyboard shortcuts make handling mail a sweetly fleeting joy
  • Growl, Notification Center and multiple counters for Dock icon and menu bar announce mail with effective style


  • MailMate works only with IMAP accounts, and rich-text sending requires use of the Markdown makeup language (which is easy)
  • Some corners and nooks still need polishing
  • MailMate lacks flexible message templates and free-form labels


  • MailMate lets you access multiple IMAP email accounts with unified folders on- and offline.
  • In addition to swift search, MailMate offers smart folders that can look for finely grained criteria in nested combination.
  • MailMate finds related messages fast as well; organizing them in arced threads, MailMate can also display their relations.
  • Colored flags help you organize mail. Via IMAP, the flags and colors typically (depending on the server) synchronize with OS X Mail.
  • Ubiquitous (and endlessly customizable) keyboard shortcuts let you operate MailMate fast and efficiently.
  • If you have multiple signatures set up, MailMate picks its best bet based on what you've used in the past; you can also specify a special signature for replies instead.
  • New messages (in any mailbox or smart folder) can be announced using Growl and Notification Center as well as MailMate's Dock icon and the menu bar.
  • Using Mac OS X text substitution, MailMate can insert snippets of oft-used text and phrases fast.
  • Markdown support lets you send emails that look good in both plain text and with formatting.
  • You can take MailMate full screen to concentrate on your mail.
  • Support for SpamSieve affords MailMate accurate spam filtering.
  • Using S/MIME and OpenPGP, MailMate can send and receive messages that are encrypted or digitally signed for security.
  • MailMate supports Mac OS X 10.5/6/7.

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