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Facebook Messages - Free Email Service


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Facebook Messages - Free Email Service

Facebook Messages - Free Email Service


The Bottom Line

Facebook Messages combines emails with everybody, conversations with Facebook friends and SMS texts in a single, simple place organized by the people with whom you communicate.
Facebook Messages's chasteness works well for a limited amount of personal mail, texts and messages, but to handle all your mail, Facebook Messages could do well with more robust tools for managing emails and contacts.


  • Facebook Messages
  • The spam filter weeds out spam quite effectively, and you can set up Facebook Messages to accept mail only from people you know
  • Facebook Messages search is pleasantly fast and — though simple — useful


  • Facebook Messages lacks POP or IMAP access for use in desktop and mobile email applications
  • An email address book and keyboard shortcuts are missing, some actions more roundabout than needed
  • Facebook Messages cannot fetch mail from other email accounts, and you cannot send using these addresses


  • Facebook Messages combines email, text messages and Facebook's own personal messages as well as chat in one communication package.
  • Messages are arranged chronologically as conversations with certain senders or groups.
  • Easy archiving helps keep your Facebook Messages inbox clean.
  • A spam filter detects and banishes much junk mail automatically to a special folder. What gets through can be reported to improve the filter.
  • You can also set up Facebook Messages to accept only messages from people you know in Facebook.
  • To get to the most important messages first, you can have mail and messages from certain senders relegated to an "Other" folder.
  • Search returns results from messages' full text fast; inbox search results do not include junk and archived mail, which can be searched separately.
  • Facebook Messages shows all email and message's content using text only by default. You can expand that to see the full message.
  • New mail notifications appear in the Facebook toolbar.
  • You can export your Facebook Messages emails, texts and chat transcripts as web pages.

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