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How to Send Any E-Card to a Facebook Friend


There are e-card applications for Facebook, of course, for rich and integrated greeting; many e-card sites offer posting to Facebook.

Neither is a reason, though, to shun those that do not connect with Facebook directly for the friends who you know to prefer their greetings in Facebook. If the e-card can be sent via email, you can send it to Facebook friends.

Send Any E-Card to a Facebook Friend

To deliver an e-card to a Facebook friend in its full glory even if the card and site offer no way to use Facebook messages or post to your friend's (or your) wall:

  • Compose the e-card with the intended recipient's name and the text you'd like to appear.
  • Use your name and email address as the sender.
  • Make sure
    • the card does not offer an easy way to send to Facebook users and
    • your friend really has no email address they check frequently enough.
    • Prefer either method over what follows.
  • Use the recipient's name but your email address as the recipient.
  • Send the e-card, effectively to yourself.
  • Wait for card to arrive at your email account.
  • Start a new Facebook message to the Facebook friend.

If the e-card email contains a link to pick up the card:

  • Use the e-card email's text in the Message: field, or type your own text; you can also leave the Message: empty.
  • If your message text does not yet contain the link for picking up the e-card, copy and paste it from the e-card email you received into the Message: field of the Facebook message.
    • If the email you received says "You may pick up your card by clicking on the link below. If clicking does not work, you can try copying and pasting the link into the address bar of your browser: http://www.example.com/cards/pickup.php?card=wrktwq9ph74jy924s1hg3x545", for instance, copy and paste to make sure the Message: field says "http://www.example.com/cards/pickup.php?card=wrktwq9ph74jy924s1hg3x545" (not including the quotation marks).
    • Verify Facebook has extracted the correct link for picking up the card under Link.
  • Depending on what images Facebook can find at the page, use the right and left buttons to choose an icon or — and also for the biggest e-card surprise — make sure No Thumbnail is checked.
  • Click Send.

If the e-card email includes the card as a single image:

  • Save the image to your desktop from the e-card email you received.
  • Type a short message under Message: in Facebook or leave the field empty.
  • Click Attach a file.
  • Find and open the e-card image you saved to your desktop.
  • Click Send.

If the e-card comes as a rich-text email and you're in for some tinkering fun:

  • Open the e-card so it is visible in full on the screen.
  • Make a screenshot of the email window or the whole display.
  • Open the saved screenshot in an image editing tool; Picasa, Preview, iPhoto, IrfanView and The Gimp all do, for example.
  • Crop the image to make sure only the card is seen.
  • Save the image.
  • Type any desired message under Message: in Facebook or leave it empty.
  • Click Attach a file.
  • Find and open the edited e-card image you saved previously.
  • Click Send.

(Updated December 2011)

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