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How to Recover a Message from Spam in Facebook Messages


Is your inbox in Facebook Messages emptier than it should be? Are you wondering why you haven't read from somebody in days, or why a newsletter seemingly halted distribution?

The messages and emails may be — inadvertently — stuck in the Facebook Messages spam folder. Fortunately, it's easy to open that folder, spot the conversation and recover it (while teaching the junk filter to better classify similar messages in the future).

Recover a Message from Spam in Facebook Messages

To mark as message as not spam and recover it from the junk folder to your Facebook Messages inbox:

  • Click the down arrow next to the Search Messages magnifying glass in Facebook Messages.
  • Select Spam from the menu that comes up.
  • Open the message or conversation you want to recover.
  • Click Actions.
  • Select Not Spam from the menu.
  • Click Messages in the left navigation bar to return to your Facebook Messages inbox.

(Updated February 2012)

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