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How to Post Updates and Upload Photos by Email in Facebook


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A phone, tablet, computer or just web site without Facebook is difficult to find.

What if you could share the quick photo or video — or post a swift status update — without seeing anything else that's going on at Facebook, though? Distraction-free posting is also available on all those phones, tablets and computers that lack Facebook but offer email, of course.

Post Updates and Upload Photos by Email in Facebook

To update your Facebook status on your wall by email:

  • Start a new email message to your secret Facebook status email address.
    • You do not have to use an email address registered with Facebook to post but can send from any address.
  • Type the desired status update in the email Subject line.
    • You can leave the message body blank, or keep any signature there. Facebook will ignore anything in the message body.
    • If you leave the Subject line blank (and do not attach a photo or video; see below), your update will be ignored altogether.
    • Your default privacy settings will be applied to updates sent via email.
  • Send the email message.

To upload photos to your Mobile Uploads Facebook album by email or share a video:

  • Start a new email to your secret Facebook upload email address.
  • Optionally, enter a caption for your photos or videos in the Subject line.
    • You can leave the Subject line blank.
  • Attach all images or videos you want to upload.
    • You can mix videos and images.
    • The caption from the Subject line will be used for each image or video you upload.
    • Files other than images or videos will be ignored by Facebook.
    • All photos and videos you upload by email use your default Facebook privacy settings for new content.
  • Send the email.

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