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How to Find Your Secret Facebook Upload Email Address


Your Facebook account has a secret email address. It's best to keep the secret, of course, but you should know your Facebook upload address — to post just by email or share images and videos.

Should anybody gain knowledge of your secret Facebook email address and thus access to updating your wall and account, you can have a new random and newly secret address generated.

Find Your Secret Facebook Upload Email Address

To find out what email address you can use to update your Facebook status and upload photos or videos:

  • Open Facebook Mobile Upload.
  • If you are not logged into Facebook:
    • Enter your Facebook email address or phone number under Email or Phone.
    • Type your Facebook password under Password.
    • Tap or click Log In.
  • Find your Facebook upload email address under Upload via Email.

Do not share this email address with anybody; it allows them to post to your Facebook account.

Reset Your Secret Facebook Upload Email Address

Note that resetting your Facebook upload email address is currently not possible.

To create a new random email address for uploading to Facebook (if somebody guessed or peeked at your address and can now post to your Facebook profile):

  • Open Facebook Mobile.
  • Select Find out more under Upload via Email.
  • Now follow the refresh your upload email link under Tip.
  • Click Reset.
  • Now click Okay.

(Updated May 2012)

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