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What Are the iCloud Mail SMTP Settings?


Question: What Are the iCloud Mail SMTP Settings?

Looking for the iCloud Mail SMTP server settings for your @me.com, @icloud.com or @mac.com email address?

Answer: The iCloud Mail outgoing SMTP server settings for sending mail from any email program (or email service) are:

  • iCloud Mail SMTP server address: smtp.mail.me.com
  • iCloud Mail SMTP user name: Your iCloud Mail email address
    • (Do include the domain name—what follows "@" in your iCloud Mail address; if your iCloud Mail email address is "me@icloud.com", for instance, do use "me@icloud.com" as the user name.)
  • iCloud Mail SMTP password: Your iCloud Mail password
  • iCloud Mail SMTP port: 587
  • iCloud Mail SMTP SSL/TLS required: no
  • iCloud Mail SMTP STARTTLS required: yes

To download mail from your iCloud Mail account to your email program, see the

(Updated December 2013)

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