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How to Email a Link to a Web Page with Opera - About Email
Share the good links with Opera by including them in an email easily.
How to Use Outlook Express with Opera - About Email
Open a new message in Outlook Express when you click on an email link in Opera.
How to Use Rich HTML Formatting in Emails with Opera - About Email
... to your email's text or call forth a special font for effect perhaps? Here's how to use rich HTML formatting for an email in Opera and make it the default, too.
How to Use Custom Font Faces and Colors in Emails with Opera ...
Want to change the font and text color to match the message's mood or use bold and italics? Here's how to add text formatting in Opera.
Opera Email Tips, Tricks and Secrets - About Email
Opera is not just a fast browser, it also contains a fully featured email client. Take advantage of it with these tips, tricks and secrets.
How to Forward a Message with Opera - About Email
Forwarding an email to share it with others is easy in Opera.
How to Set Up a Smart Email Filter in Opera - About Email
It is not. In Opera the Bayesian engine does not only find spam, you can also use it to train filters that will automatically sort incoming messages according to your ...
How to Insert an Image Inline in Opera - About Email
Want to add images to the text of your emails instead of as attachments? Here's how to insert pictures inline with Opera.
How to Block a Sender in Opera - About Email
Here's how to have Opera treat a certain sender's (or entire domain's) messages ... Click on Spam under ALL MESSAGES in the Opera Mail panel with the right ...
How to Edit Your Email Signature in Opera - About Email
By default, this signature includes some self-praise (Opera's, not yours). We will forgive this shameless plug if Opera lets us replace it with our own shameless ...
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