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Get the Most Out of Mac OS X Mail - About Email
Mac OS X comes with a great email application built in. Find information, reviews, add-ons, links and more for Mail here.
How to Access a Gmail Account in Mac OS X Mail 3-5 - About Email
This is your Mac, however, and Mac OS X Mail is just as functional—if not more so—while being faster to boot with more native a feel and looks. Setting up Gmail  ...
How to Find Where Mac OS X Mail Stores Your Emails - About.com
Know where to look when you want to back up your Mac OS X Mail ... Woman working on a laptop with a man standing beside her - ONOKY - Eric Audras.
How to Access Windows Live Hotmail With Mac OS X Mail
Fetch and read and reply to Windows Live Hotmail messages from within Mac OS X Mail.
Create a Calendar Event From an Email in Mac OS X Mail - About.com
Agreed on a date and time via email? Got notification of a special event in a newsletter? Received the detailed travel schedule by mail? In Mac OS X Mail, ...
How to Access Free Yahoo! Mail With Mac OS X Mail
With Mac OS X Mail, Yahoo! Mail and IzyMail, you do have the choice, but you can also use both side by side. IzyMail offers IMAP access to Yahoo! Mail, which  ...
How to Access a Gmail Account in OS X Mail - Email - About.com
Set up Gmail in OS X Mail for sending and receiving mail, simply using POP or ... Gmail, you know how elegant it is—almost as elegant as your Mac's OS X Mail.
OS X Mail 7.0 - Mac Email Program - About.com
Mail is the solid, powerful and easy to use email program built into OS X. While Mail's smart spam filter gets rid of practically all junk mail, the astonishingly fast ...
Using Multiple From: Addresses With Mac OS X Mail
You have as many email addresses as you want. Here's how to use multiple email addresses with an email account in Mac OS X Mail.
How to Save & Use Messages as Templates: Mac OS X Mail
There is no need to re-invent the same message over and over again. Misuse Mac OS X Mail a bit instead and save messages as templates for later use (over ...
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