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How to Access Gmail with Eudora - About Email
Eudora goes Gmail and vice versa. Here's how to make Eudora send messages through and receive emails from your Gmail account.
Eudora Tips, Tricks and Secrets - About Email
Eudora is a great email client with many talents. Unfortunately, some of them can be a bit hidden. Undig them and get the most out of Eudora with these tips, ...
Eudora 7.1 Email Program Description and Review - About.com
I have even started using Eudora 7.1 with my Lenovo Yoga 13"" Windows 8 machine and find it even better than previously as its indexing functions speed up on ...
How to Send a Message in Plain Text in Eudora - About Email
If you want to make sure your message is received and received well, send it in purely plain text with Eudora.
Access a Gmail Account with Eudora Step by Step Screenshot ...
How to access a Gmail account with Eudora. ... Select "Tools | Personalities" from the menu in Eudora. Select "Tools | Personalities" from the menu in Eudora.
Turn Off Internet Explorer HTML Viewing in Eudora - About Email
By default, Eudora uses Internet Explorer to display emails with HTML formatting. This ensures proper display, but it also means a potentially heightened security ...
How to Send a Message to a Mailing List in Eudora - About Email
Distribute a message to multiple recipients easily and like a pro with Eudora.
How to Create a Message Template in Eudora - About Email
Make your email life easier with stationery in Eudora, and save lots of time with emails you send repeatedly.
How to Create a Signature in Eudora - About Email
Creating email signatures for all occasions is easy in Eudora. ... address or phone number), but your can also use it for some marketing pitch or a witty quotation.
How to Add a Graphic or Animation to Your Signature in Eudora ...
Using an animated gif file in your Eudora signature allows you to add some extra pep, either for marketing or self-fulfillment purposes, or just to have some fun.
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