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Top Six Services to Send Big Files via Email - About.com
If you have wrestled in frustration with transferring large files, try these large file services and tools that make sending GB-large files via email not only convenient  ...
Why You Should Compress Files Before Sending Them via Email
Smaller is more beautiful, at least when it comes to email attachments. So make files smaller before your send them via email.
Services to Send Big Files via Email - About Email
Sending files works most conveniently, fast and securely via email. Unfortunately, many if not most email services will not allow you to send files larger than a ...
How to Send Documents as a Single Zip File ... - Email - About.com
Want to send a bunch of files easily and in a compact form? ... Now you want to share them, and what better way is there to share poems than via email?
Send Big Files (Up to 10 GB) With Gmail Using ... - Email - About.com
Sending files through Google Drive right from Gmail becomes very similar to ... do not see Drag files here or in general to pick documents to upload via a dialog:.
How to Send and Receive Attached Files Using ... - Email - About.com
It's best to email files, of course, because you communicate via email in any ... a personal copy for the recipient, and because sending files via email is easy.
How to Send a File Attachment with Gmail - About Email
Don't re-create the spread sheet in the email: attach it instead and send it along ... Sending multiple files is just as easy, and it works with documents you cannot ...
SendThisFile - Large File Sending Service Review - About Email
SendThisFile lets you send files with no size limit via email for free, while paid accounts offer many amenities and can be used to send and receive large files in  ...
Pando Review - Free Large File Sending Service - About Email
Pando allows you to send and receive large files via email. ... Pando makes sending large files (up to 1 GB in size for free accounts and up to 50 GB for premium ...
How to Send Big Files With Yahoo! Mail and ... - Email - About.com
Mail only to find — it lets you send files exceeding the regular attachment size limit via email quite handily. ... Note that sending large files with Yahoo! Mail and  ...
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