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Email FAQ - Plain Text vs HTML Formatting - About.com
Not everybody can receive your fancily formatted emails. Some may even react furiously. To be safe rather than sorry, send plain text emails only when in doubt.
How to Send a Plain Text Email Message in Gmail - About.com
Whether plain is beautiful or rich is always better; whether text — especially in emails — should be just text or the formatting is — at least — half the message; ...
How to Send a Plain Text Message in Outlook - Email - About.com
Fortunately, Outlook can send plain text emails, too. They don't allow you to use custom fonts and such, but at least you can be sure everybody receives them ...
How to Underline in a Plain Text Email Message - About.com
When writing an email in HTML, it's easy to underline and boldface. But it can be done very easily when writing in plain text, also, with this tip.
How to Send a Message in Plain Text with Windows Mail or Outlook ...
Send a message in plain text in Windows Mail or Outlook Express to make sure everybody can receive it properly.
How to Use Bold Face in Plain Text Email Messages - About.com
Put a bold face onto your plain text. Here's how to make simple text stand out among its peers by mimicking bold face in plain text emails.
How to Send Plain Text Messages by Default in Mac OS X Mail ...
If the people you mail most are among those, or if you prefer textual purity yourself, you can make Mac OS X Mail adapt to this habit and use plain text messages ...
How to Send Plain Text Messages by Default ... - Email - About.com
Why Send Plain Text? Not all email programs know how to display these messages, however. Instead of your perfectly crafted message, the recipient may see ...
How to View Richly Formatted Mail in Plain Text with Mac OS X Mail ...
If plain text is all you need, Mac OS X Mail can remove the extraneous formatting.
How to Send a Message in Plain Text With Mac OS X Mail
If all your recipients see is gibberish, you can make sure Mac OS X Mail sends a message as pure plain text — certain to be received properly by everybody.
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