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Opera Review - Free Email Program - About Email
The Opera email client is a slick and flexible interface that will satisfy almost all your email needs, and Opera integrates RSS feeds in this experience as well.
Get the Most Out of Opera - About Email
Opera comes with a solid and speedy email client that implements a number of great ideas. Discover them, and get the most of all the other features with these ...
How to Back Up Your Opera Mail Messages and Settings
Want to make sure you can recover your Opera email accounts, settings, folders and messages? Here's how to create a backup copy of Opera mail for recovery ...
Opera - Classical Music Theater - About.com
For even the classical music buff, opera can be quite overwhelming. Here, you will find anything and everything you ever wanted to know about opera. Discover  ...
Opera Synopses - A Collection of Stories from Popular Classical ...
Looking to catch up on your opera stories? Reading an opera synopsis before seeing the show is a great way to enjoy the music and scenery as you don't have  ...
What Is Opera? - Classical Music Index
An opera is a staged dramatic work that is entirely sung. However, there are many exceptions to this rule.
Top Ten Opera Houses in Italy - Italy Travel - About.com
Italy has a wealth of beautiful, historic opera houses, many still serving as theaters. Opera fans should try to visit at least one opera house and enjoy a live ...
Opera Synopses - L thru Z - Classical Music - About.com
To get the most out of an opera performance, it's sometime best to read the synopsis. Doing so frees you from reading the translations, allowing you to watch and ...
Looney Tunes Opera Cartoons - Bugs Bunny - Classical Music
Learn more about "What's Opera, Doc" and "Rabbit of Seville," two famous Looney Toon cartoons that were about opera.
The World's Most Performed Operas (2012-13 Season)
According to the statistics compiled by Operabase, a company to which over 700 opera houses report their performances, the top 10 operas performed around ...
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