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How to Find Your Mozilla Thunderbird Profile Directory
Locate the folder that contains your Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail messages, filters, settings and more.
Archive Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Folders (How To)
Clean up the list of folders in Mozilla Thunderbird and archive old mail on a disk or internet storage. It's always easy to add archived folders back into Mozilla ...
How to Repair Folders in Mozilla Thunderbird - Email - About.com
Sometimes, Mozilla Thunderbird folders' appearance loses track of the underlying structure: messages actually present are not shown, or deleted emails still ...
How to Compact Folders in Mozilla Thunderbird - Email - About.com
Only compact folders are good folders. Here's how to compact your mail folders in Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape or Mozilla and reclaim wasted disk space.
How to Access Inbox.com in Mozilla Thunderbird - Email - About.com
Download mail from your Inbox.com account directly into your Mozilla Thunderbird Inbox, and mail sent from Thunderbird will show up online under.
Mozilla Thunderbird Tips: Organization by Folders - Email - About.com
Want to see all but at the same time only the relevant mail in Mozilla Thunderbird ? Here's how to create folders that automatically aggregate messages from all ...
How to Read Emails in a Unified Inbox - Mozilla Thunderbird
Don't want to go looking up the latest messages in separate folders, one for each email account? You can set up Mozilla Thunderbird to collect messages from ...
Search Messages in a Folder in Mozilla Thunderbird or Netscape
If you're looking for a fast way to search for messages in a folder or folder hierarchy in Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape or Mozilla, the context menu is a good bet.
How to Search the Current Folder or View Fast in Mozilla Thunderbird
Mozilla Thunderbird includes a fast, normally invisible way to find mail in the current folder. You can search the sender, recipient and subject for keywords and  ...
Back Up or Copy a Mozilla Thunderbird Profile - Email - About.com
Copy all your Mozilla Thunderbird data (emails, contacts, settings, filters, junk ... You can compress the files and folders to a zip file and move the zip file instead.
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