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Behind the Scenes: How Email Works - About Email
... what MIME stands for and how it helps files of all kinds hop on emails to travel with them? Here's your chance to find out how email works behind the scenes.
SMTP Inside Out - How Internet Email Works - About.com
Have you ever wondered what happens when you press the Send button in your email program? Probably not, I guess — as long as it works. This is exactly the ...
Introduction to Email: What It Is and How It Works - About.com
Want the big picture? Email is like traditional, postal mail. Just better.
POP Inside Out - How Fetching Mail Through the Post Office ...
Have you ever wondered what happens when your email client retrieves mail from a POP account? ... How Fetching Mail Through the Post Office Protocol Works.
How Do Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Work?
Find out how the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) work to let you send attachments with your email messages.
POP (Post Office Protocol) Basics in Email - About.com
The Post Office Protocol is what enables your email program to fetch new mail. ... Behind the Scenes: How Email Works; POP (Post Office Protocol) Basics.
How Public Key Encryption Works - About Email
Without encryption, data sent via email are far from being private. Find out how public key encryption can make email more secure.
How HTML Email Return Receipts Work - About.com
We all like certainty, return receipts and certified mail. Unfortunately, internet email does not provide a way to know a message has arrived at the recipient's ...
What IMAP Can Do for You - About Email
As soon as you try to work on your email from more than one machine (a desktop at work and a laptop at home, for example), things get clumsy and complicated.
Sending an Email to Multiple Recipients - Cc: And Bcc: - About.com
The analogy works well. An email is sent to the person in the To: field, of course. A verbatim copy of the message is also sent to all the addresses listed in the Cc:  ...
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