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Organize and Categorize Messages With Labels in Gmail
What makes Gmail's labels better than folders is that you can "put" any message in any number of folders. An email can belong to the "most urgent" messages as  ...
Creating and Using Labels - Gmail Tutorial - Email - About.com
You don't have to know the labels you will want to have in Gmail before you want to have them. Here's how to create new labels on the fly.
How to Hide Labels With No Unread Mail Automatically in Gmail ...
Don't like to go hunting for unread messages in hidden Gmail labels but don't want to go hunting for unread messages in a long list of visible labels either?
How to Go to Any Label or View Fast in Gmail - About Email
It's great how Gmail takes us to views like the Inbox (g + i) and Drafts (g + d) with two quick taps on a key. But, alas, we have labels, too, and the g + key trick ...
Use Drag-And-Drop to Move and Label Messages in Gmail
In Gmail, you can have fun not only with the messages you receive but also with the labels you create — moving messages and applying labels with dragging ...
How to Use Gmail as if It Had Folders and Filters - Email - About.com
Well, they might not be called "folders", but Gmail's labels act a lot like folders do. Using filters, you can even have Gmail sort your incoming mail by sender, ...
How to Hide and Show Labels in Gmail - About Email
Fortunately, hiding labels is a matter of swift hand flicking in Gmail. You can even hide labels provided by Gmail itself, such as Spam and All Mail.
How to Hide Folders and Labels in Gmail IMAP - Email - About.com
It's great how you can access all your Gmail labels and "folders" in any email program and mobile device seamlessly: all the folders, including the ominous folder ...
How to Configure Gmail SmartLabels - About Email
Gmail's smart SmartLabels labels can profit from configuration, of course. If you prefer messages from lists filed to a label and not show up in the Inbox, ...
Select Messages in a Gmail Label, Collection or Search
If you see only 25 messages but the current Gmail view contains 439, this is how you act on all of them in one go.
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