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Organize and Categorize Messages With Labels in Gmail
What makes Gmail's labels better than folders is that you can "put" any message in any number of folders. An email can belong to the "most urgent" messages as  ...
Creating and Using Labels - Gmail Tutorial - Email - About.com
You don't have to know the labels you will want to have in Gmail before you want to have them. Here's how to create new labels on the fly.
How to Go to Any Label or View Fast in Gmail - About Email
Start typing your label's name and Gmail takes you there in an instant.
Gmail Labels and Filters - Videos - About.com
Learn how Gmail differs from other email accounts and how to make labels and filters in Gmail to organize your mail.
Gmail Label Colors - Gmail Greasemonkey Script Review - About ...
Gmail Label Colors turns the tiny green labels you apply to messages in Gmail for organization into colorful buttons that make that certain category stand out.
How to Hide Labels With No Unread Mail Automatically in Gmail ...
Don't like to go hunting for unread messages in hidden Gmail labels but don't want to go hunting for unread messages in a long list of visible labels either?
How to Automatically Label Mail in Gmail with POPFile - About Email
Labels are nice for organizing a few messages in Gmail, or for having Gmail organize incoming mail for you using filters. Have you imagined these filters more  ...
How to Organize and Categorize Messages with Labels in Gmail ...
Is an email both worthy a lengthy reply and from a friend? In Gmail, you can organize your messages freely by having them show up under all relevant labels.
Use Drag-And-Drop to Move and Label Messages in Gmail
Drag messages to labels and labels to messages, doing something useful all the while in Gmail.
How to Hide Folders and Labels in Gmail IMAP - Email - About.com
access all your Gmail labels and "folders" in any email program and mobile device seamlessly : all the folders, including the ominous folder called "All Mail" that ...
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