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Email: How to Export Your Yahoo! Mail Address Book
In Yahoo! Mail, it's not only easy to manage your contacts, it's also easy to export them to a format that enjoys almost universal popularity and compatibility: CSV.
How to Import Yahoo Mail and Contacts Into Gmail - Email - About.com
Switch from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail and keep all your mail, folders and contacts? Here's how to import your messages as well as your address book from Yahoo!
How to Import Addresses Into Gmail From Other Email Services
Still, you have to enter the email address at least once. With all your contacts already in your Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook, Mac OS X Mail etc.
How to Move a Message to Another Folder in Yahoo! Mail
Here's a swift way to move one or even multiple messages at one time from one Yahoo! Mail folder to another folder.
Windows Email FAQ - Export Contacts as .CSV - About.com
Save your Windows Mail contacts to a CSV file that lets you migrate and copy them to most other email ... Need to Export Your Address Book from Yahoo Mail?
Exporting Contacts and Email Addresses from Hotmail - About.com
How to Export Contacts and Email Addresses from a Free Hotmail Account ... How to Import Addresses from Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, Others into Gmail ...
Download Sent Mail From Yahoo! Mail Using YPOPs!
Want to keep a copy of mail you send from Yahoo! Mail in your email program, too? With YPOPs!, you can download via POP from any Yahoo! Mail folder ...
How to Export Your AIM Mail or AOL Mail Contacts - Email - About.com
Save all your contacts from AIM Mail or AOL Mail to a text file — ready to be imported in just about any ... Need to Export Your Address Book from Yahoo Mail ?
Export Mac OS X Mail Address Book Contacts to CSV File
... Mail in CSV format? Here's how to export all your Mac OS X Address Book data to a CSV contacts file. ... Need to Export Your Address Book from Yahoo Mail?
How to Export Your Outlook Contacts to a CSV ... - Email - About.com
If you move from one email program to the next, you don't want to leave your ... from Windows Mail · Need to Export Your Address Book from Yahoo Mail?
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