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How to Make a Screenshot Under Windows and Mail It
Would you like to impress your tech support in a helpful way? Instead of having to describe what wrong and ill you see on your screen, capture and send it easily ...
How to Make a Screenshot Under Mac OS X and Mail It
Tech support people will like you, and you can show off your picturesque Desktop, too. Here's how to take a screenshot under Mac OS X, crop it, and send it ...
Gmail (Google Mail) Screenshot Feature Tour - About Email
A visual tour of Gmail (Google Mail) features. ... You can access a Gmail account via POP in any email client or forward its messages ... Screenshot Feature Tour ...
How to Make and Mail a Screenshot - About Email
Instead of trying to explain what you see on your screen with countless words — and fail, make a screenshot, attach it to an email — and succeed grandly!
How to Take a Screen Shot on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch
From here you can email one or more screen shots or other pictures, by clicking the action icon (a rectangle with an arrow coming out of it). Clicking the action ...
How to Take an iPad Screenshot - About iPad
Have you ever wanted to take an iPad screenshot so that you can brag to a ... It's actually quite simple to snap an iPad screenshot. ... Free Email Newsletter.
Yahoo! Mail - Free Email Service Screenshot - About Email
What does the Yahoo! Mail Free Email Service look like?
How to Take Screenshots With an iPad - Tutorial - Portable Electronics
Free Email Newsletter. Let About.com ... How to Take Screenshots With an iPad. - . To take a screenshot with your iPad, just press the Power and Home buttons.
How to Take Screen Shots With Windows - About.com
Screen shots, also called "screen captures," are just that: pictures of your ... that you can paste it into something: a document, an image, a presentation, an email,  ...
Capture and Save a Screenshot in Windows XP - Graphics Software
Capture and save a screenshot in Windows XP. ... Why Capture Screen Shots? ... You have successfully created and saved a screen shot You can email it, put it ...
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