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Uu-encode a Large File and Send it in Parts

Using Uu-encode, you can send a huge binary file in small pieces via email. Find out how to do it.

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Quickly sending that report to your boss, that handout to your professor, your latest artistic venture to your latest lovely adventure,... One can really get attached to attachments. They make transferring files from one place to another, from one computer system to another, from one person to another fast, simple, and easy.

Yet, sometimes attachments fail to deliver. This may be because the recipient's email program cannot handle them (??) or, more commonly, because the attachment is too large to be sent in one big junk of a file.

What can we do to still transfer the file from here to there, from us to them? We have to split it in parts. This works fine with files that contain nothing but text. But this will hardly ever work if the file we want to send contains binary data; a Word document does.

Of course, software to safely split binary files in parts does exist. It even puts the file together again. Unfortunately, the recipient is more or less required to have the same software (yes, there are exceptions). We could send it to them by mail, but...

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