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Use PGP with any Windows Email Client

PGP can be used to encrypt, sign, and decipher email messages with any email client under Windows. Find out how to do it.

key lost

Pretty Good Privacy

PGP comes with plug-ins for a number of popular email clients: Eudora, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, and Outlook Express.

But once PGP is installed, not only do some icons appear in the toolbars of these applications, the counter named icons_in_tray_>_screen is also incremented by one. PGPtray appears as a lock there.

PGPtray, tray
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Using PGPtray with Email Clients

The lock, however, turns out to be the key to using PGP with an arbitrary email client. To demonstrate the procedure, I'll use Netscape Messenger, but any other application is just as fine.

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