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Nine Strategies for Smart Email Marketing
Strategy 1: Attention for your email marketing efforts requires permission.
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• Strategy 2: Know Your Subscribers as Individuals
• Strategy 3: Personalize
• Strategy 4: Get Your Timing Right
• Strategy 5: Use Subject and Sender Wisely
• Strategy 6: Create a Clear Call to Action
• Strategy 7: Make Purchasing Easy at the Landing Page
• Strategy 8: Test, Measure, Test, Measure,...
• Strategy 9: Be Brave
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How many emails do you get every day? And how many of them do you read?

The in-box has become a fierce battleground for your subscribers' attention. So let's look at effective ways and strategies to keep your email marketing messages from becoming victims of the delete key.

1. Attention Requires Permission

You can only get the recipient's attention if you have the explicit permission to do so.

The permission doesn't guarantee that your email marketing campaign will be a success, but if you send without permission and your recipients get the feeling that you want to force something down their throat, failure is guaranteed.

So make sure you get your recipients' permission, preferrably via double opt-in.

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