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Replying to an Email Message
Part 1: Even replying can be done better — or worse. Do it better.
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Replying to an email message? That's easy! You click "reply", write your reply, send it, go play.

The part where you write the answer can be done in different ways, however. Of course, there is no "proper" way to do that. At the same time there are many proper ways. Everything that works for you (and the recipient!) is great. This is why I'll show you what works for me. Maybe it does for you, too.

To Quote or not to Quote

The first question probably is whether to quote the text you are replying to. The answer almost always will be: "Yes, do it!"

It helps the recipient tremendously to know what you are replying to. "Did you like it?" does sound poetic by itself, but if you wanted to ask whether Julie liked the film (The English Patient) she had seen this may not be exactly what you want.

For some time, many different characters were used to quote text in email messages. Fortunately, there seems to be a "standard" now: "> ".

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