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How to Move a Message to a Different Folder in Yahoo! Mail


If you have created custom folders in Yahoo! Mail to archive certain messages and keep them organized, you clearly need a way to move messages to these folders.

Here's a swift to move one or even multiple messages at once from one Yahoo! Mail folder to another.

Move a Message to a Different Folder in Yahoo! Mail

To file a message (or a group of messages) in Yahoo! Mail:

  • Open the message or make sure it is ticked in the mailbox list.
    • To move multiple messages, check all their individual boxes.
    • You can check a range by clicking the first message — not its checkbox —, holding down Shift and eventually clicking the last message — again, not its checkbox.
    • To select all messages, click in the header checkbox.
  • Press d.
  • Select the desired target folder from the list.
    • For the first nine folders in the list, you can also press the appropriate number — from 1 to 9.

Of course, you can also click the Move selected emails to a folder button in the toolbar (it displays a folder with a downward arrow) after selecting your messages. Another way to move messages is by dragging them to the target folder in the folder pane.

One neat way of moving just one message is opening it in a separate tab and dragging that tab to the target folder.

Move a Message to a Different Folder in Yahoo! Mail Classic

To move messages between folders in Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  • Open the Yahoo! Mail folder containing the messages you want to move to a different folder.
  • Make sure the checkboxes in front of all the messages you want to move are ticked.
  • Click on the Move to folder... drop-down menu.
  • Select the target folder for the selected messages.
  • Click OK

(Updated June 2012)

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