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Zaep AntiSpam 5.1 - Spam Filter

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Zaep AntiSpam - Spam Filter

Zaep AntiSpam - Spam Filter

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Zaep AntiSpam can help your home or organization get pretty much spam free by allowing only mail from whitelisted senders through. Unfortunately, Zaep AntiSpam only supports POP accounts unless you run a local MDaemon mail server.


  • Zaep AntiSpam is highly effective against spam by requiring new senders to authorize
  • Can be used in a local network, configurable via a web interface
  • Zaep AntiSpam automatically whitelists everybody you send mail, blacklists bogus addresses


  • Zaep AntiSpam authorization via email replies can open a loophole for some spammers
  • Spammers using (commonly) authorized addresses get through, too
  • Supports POP accounts only and the challenging messages lack captchas


  • Zaep AntiSpam is a challenge/response spam filter acting as a proxy server for POP accounts.
  • Alternatively, the Zaep AntiSpam MDaemon plug-in filters all incoming mail for all users.
  • Zaep AntiSpam supports multiple users and accounts via a web-based interface.
  • Only mail from whitelisted senders (or mail from certain IP addresses) is allowed through by Zaep AntiSpam.
  • Unknown senders are challenged to authorize by visiting an URL or sending a reply message.
  • Zaep AntiSpam also whitelists all recipients of outgoing mail automatically.
  • Obviously invalid or nonexistent sender addresses can be blacklisted automatically.
  • Zaep AntiSpam also supports global lists to white- or blacklist senders and subjects.
  • The challenge used by Zaep AntiSpam can be customized for each account.
  • Support for UPnP allows Zaep AntiSpam to configure attached devices for port forwarding.

Guide Review - Zaep AntiSpam 5.1 - Spam Filter

If you're looking for a quick spam fix, eliminate all incoming mail. No, really. Zaep AntiSpam does this, and it works.

But then not all mail is spam. By definition and experience, mail from people you know usually is not spam. So Zaep AntiSpam acts as a proxy outgoing mail server and adds all people you email to your whitelist of good senders.

What about the as-yet unknown good senders of good mail? Zaep AntiSpam treats them specially with a challenge. Unfortunately, this challenge does not require them to prove they are human, but they still have to visit a link or send an email reply to show they care and do really want to send you email.

The best thing about this solid implementation of a challenge/response spam filter is that you can set up Zaep AntiSpam for your local users (at home or at a small organization) and have their mail filtered using personal — and, thanks to challenge/response and auto-whitelisting, automatic — black and white lists.

You can also set up global white and black lists, which are overridden by user lists, of course. It's a pity that Zaep AntiSpam only works with POP accounts unless you use the MDaemon plug-in (which I recommend).

Zaep AntiSpam may suffer from the problems common to challenge/response filtering: although Zaep AntiSpam's challenging message is worded well, inexperienced users can be confused, and spammers who use whitelisted addresses can get through.

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