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Spam Manager 1.18 - Spam Filter

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Spam Manager - Spam Filter

Spam Manager - Spam Filter

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Spam Manager can tag or remove spam on multiple POP accounts using built-in filters and blackhole lists.
Unfortunately, it is neither very precise nor effective, and the filters can't be configured.


  • Spam Manager checks DNS blackhole lists for known sources of spam
  • Uses spamvertised URLs to detect spam
  • Spam Manager supports Hotmail accounts


  • Spam Manager is not very precise or effective
  • Filters can't be configured much
  • Spam Manager supports POP accounts only, is not very easy to use


  • Spam Manager checks multiple POP or Hotmail email accounts for spam.
  • Spam Manager uses content filters and blackhole lists to detect junk mail.
  • Filters can be enabled separately for several categories, custom filters can be added.
  • Spam Manager also lets you selectively enable blackhole lists, and you can add your own.
  • Additionally, Spam Manager uses black and white lists of senders, and a blacklist of URLs in spam.
  • Spam Manager lets you preview and manually categorize messages easily.
  • You can remove detected spam from the server manually or have Spam Manager do that automatically.
  • (Auto-)Deleted messages can be kept in a quarantine for later recovery.
  • Spam Manager supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.

Guide Review - Spam Manager 1.18 - Spam Filter

Spam Manager is no pretty program, but it works.

I wish this was true. Unfortunately, Spam Manager is neither pretty nor particularly efficient as an anti-spam tool. Its biggest asset is the option to check any number of blackhole lists for incoming mail. If your ISP doesn't do this and if you think it's a good idea, Spam Manager can be useful, and it does remove some spam.

Another nice but controversial idea is the automatic blacklist of URLs that appear in spam. All mail with a blacklisted URL in it is tagged as spam automatically. Spam Manager also comes with a number of filters that you can enable per category, local black-/whitelists and flexible, though not particularly easy to use, custom filtering.

All in all, the blackhole list checking in Spam Manager is maybe not worth the effort, and it catches some good mail, too.

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