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Spam Assault! Pro 4.0 - Spam Filter

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Spam Assault! Pro - Spam Filter

Spam Assault! Pro - Spam Filter

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Spam Assault! Pro features a great and easy 3-step approach to filtering spam. Unfortunately, the filtering part is the weakest, and Spam Assault! Pro's simple filters are not particularly effective.


  • Spam Assault! Pro is easy to use
  • Easy to set up content filters
  • Can bounce spam back to the sender


  • Spam Assault! Pro supports POP accounts only
  • Inflexible filters, no scoring or statistics


  • Spam Assault! Pro checks multiple POP accounts for spam and removes it directly at the server.
  • Filtering spam with Spam Assault! Pro is an easy three-step process: get mail, filter it, read it.
  • Uses simple content filters as well as blocked senders or domains and a white list of senders.
  • Additionally, mail with non-existent Reply-To or from certain countries addresses can be filtered.
  • Spam Assault! Pro can bounce spam back to the sender.
  • You can preview messages directly in Spam Assault! Pro.
  • Spam Assault! Pro supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Guide Review - Spam Assault! Pro 4.0 - Spam Filter

The way Spam Assault! Pro approaches the spam filtering process is nice: 1. Fetch mail. 2. Filter it. 3. Open the good mail in your email program.

Unfortunately, Spam Assault! Pro uses only simple content filters to determine spam: if it encounters a blocked word or sender, the message is marked for deletion. The default filter set is far from perfect and lets lots of spam through while catching one or the other good message.

On the plus side is how easy Spam Assault! Pro makes it to add filters, block senders or add them to the white list. If you think it makes sense, Spam Assault! Pro can bounce the spam it detects back to the spammer as undeliverable, hoping that the spammer will care and remove bouncing addresses from their list.

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