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InboxCop Anti-Spam 9.2.4 - Spam Filter

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InboxCop Anti-Spam - Spam Filter

InboxCop Anti-Spam - Spam Filter

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

InboxCop Anti-Spam is a transparent and somewhat effective spam filter that works with many account types. Unfortunately, its filtering isn't precise enough and its interface a bit clumsy.


  • InboxCop Anti-Spam supports POP/IMAP, AOL, MSN,...
  • Filters spam transparently as a proxy server


  • InboxCop Anti-Spam doesn't filter precisely enough
  • Interface a bit clumsy, filtering can be slow
  • Bayesian spam filter can't be trained


  • InboxCop Anti-Spam filters multiple POP, IMAP, Hotmail, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL accounts for spam.
  • InboxCop uses heuristic as well as Bayesian-style filters and can sort out foreign-language spam.
  • Additionally, InboxCop Anti-Spam queries an online blacklist of known spammers.
  • You can also keep personal lists of friends, mailing lists and blocked senders in InboxCop.
  • Detected spam is placed in a special folder in InboxCop, where it can be reviewed and recovered.
  • False classifications can also be submitted to the InboxCop Anti-Spam makers for review.
  • InboxCop Anti-Spam supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.

Guide Review - InboxCop Anti-Spam 9.2.4 - Spam Filter

Version numbers of software projects can mean a lot, and this includes very little. In InboxCop Anti-Spam's case the high number hints at a dated interface, but also at some feature-richness. InboxCop deals with many types of email accounts from POP over IMAP to AOL or Hotmail, and it filters spam transparently working as a proxy between email program and server.

Unfortunately, filtering can be slow (especially if you have InboxCop check the online spammer blacklist), and it is not always accurate, producing a tad too many false positives. While there's no obvious way to train the included Bayesian statistical filter, you can submit wrongly classified email for filter improvement easily. Reviewing and recovering caught spam is a snap, too.

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