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PostCast Server 2.6.0 - Outgoing Mail Server

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PostCast Server - Outgoing Mail Server

PostCast Server - Outgoing Mail Server

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

PostCast Server is a fine — and free — personal outgoing mail server that allows you to send email from anywhere to anybody fast and with enhanced privacy and security.


  • PostCast Server is easy to set up and use
  • Fast outgoing SMTP server
  • Includes a message editor to insert mail directly


  • PostCast Server is useful only for local users
  • POP/IMAP server would make nice additions
  • Can't be installed as a Windows service


  • PostCast Server is a personal SMTP server allows you to send mail directly to recipients.
  • PostCast Server can restrict access by IP address, reject mail if sender lacks an MX record.
  • PostCast Server can deliver outgoing mail immediately or put it in a queue for bulk delivery.
  • When needed, PostCast Server connects to a dial-up ISP hangs up when it's done exchanging mail.
  • Can log undeliverable email address, and PostCast Server keeps detailed logs overall.
  • Supporting international languages and various character sets, PostCast even tries to fix wrong encoding.
  • PostCast Server includes a WYSIWYG HTML message editor to send mail directly.
  • PostCast Server supports Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.

Guide Review - PostCast Server 2.6.0 - Outgoing Mail Server

Usually, you send email through your ISP's mail server. Usually, this is convenient. But when you're on the road it usually isn't. And you always depend on the server's speed and availability.

Once PostCast Server is installed and set up (a simple matter), you're running your own SMTP server and no longer need the ISP's. PostCast Server can be set up to accept mail only from your local network which should secure it against abuse by spammers.

Allowed mail is processed quickly and efficiently, however. An optional mail queue delivers mail in bulk at a specified interval. PostCast Server even includes a HTML-enabled message editor that lets you insert or edit mail in the queue.

If PostCast Server included a POP server it'd be a full local email solution.

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