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MailEnable Standard 1.96 - Free Mail Server

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MailEnable Standard - Free Mail Server

MailEnable Standard - Free Mail Server

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

MailEnable Standard is a simple, but robust and secure mail server.


  • MailEnable Standard is robust and fast
  • Administration via MMC
  • Good security and anti-spam features


  • MailEnable Standard doesn't support IMAP
  • No Web-based access/administration
  • No interface to virus scanners


  • MailEnable Standard provides SMTP and POP services.
  • MailEnable Standard supports multiple domains.
  • Anti-spam features: authenticated SMTP, IP-based access, domain bans, denying unresolvable senders.
  • MailEnable Standard can also work with DNS blacklists and keep its own local one.
  • MailEnable Standard includes a simple list server for moderated and unmoderated lists.
  • Configuration via Microsoft Management Console snap-in.
  • MailEnable Standard provides detailed logging and debugging options.
  • Lets messages trigger events, can run scripts and external programs on mail.
  • MailEnable Standard supports Windows NT 4/2000/3/XP/Vista.

Guide Review - MailEnable Standard 1.96 - Free Mail Server

Looking for a free mail server for Windows? They're rare, but there are some gems. Like MailEnable. The free version comes with most features you'd need for a small — or even a mid-sized — setup, and it is a rock-solid mail server.

Unfortunately, MailEnable Standard only provides SMTP and POP services, no IMAP and no Web-based access. MailEnable installs as a group of Windows services and is administered via a MMC snap-in, which can be a bit confusing at first, but generally makes the configuration a snap. It's easy to set up multiple domains, user accounts and mailing lists, and secure the server from being used as a spam relay.

All in all, MailEnable Standard is a simple, but very nice and potent mail server.

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