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ISMail 1.4.3 - Mail Server

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ISMail - Mail Server

ISMail - Mail Server

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

ISMail is a simple SMTP, POP and IMAP server that works well out of the box and comes with some nice, but also without some important features.


  • ISMail supports multiple domains
  • Good anti-spam features
  • Easy to set up and use


  • ISMail lacks support for TLS/SSL connections
  • No user quotas, advanced account configuration
  • Lacks an LDAP server


  • ISMail serves POP, SMTP and IMAP.
  • ISMail supports multiple domains.
  • Anti-spam features include POP Before SMTP, trusted IP addresses and support for blackhole lists.
  • Additionally, content filters can remove certain messages globally, per domain, or per user.
  • ISMail includes an interface to external virus scanners.
  • Plug-in provides web-based account access for users.
  • ISMail keeps detailed logs and can be administered remotely.
  • ISMail supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Guide Review - ISMail 1.4.3 - Mail Server

Mail servers have an image of not being the easiest software to use. That's not true for ISMail, however. Administration of the SMTP, POP and IMAP servers happens in a single and simple dialog.

Of course, this simplicity stems in part from the absence of more advanced features. But all the essential functionality is there, and important anti-spam measures, too.

It's great that access can be controlled by IP address, but this feature would be even more useful if it could be set individually for the protocols. A plug-in enables Web-based account access, and the option to include external virus filters completes the ISMail package.

Unfortunately, ISMail does not support secure TLS/SSL connections.

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