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BaSoMail 1.24 - Mail Server

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BaSoMail - Mail Server

BaSoMail - Mail Server

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

BaSoMail is simple small mail server. It is easy to set up and fulfills a limited set of tasks reliably. Advanced features are missing, though.


  • BaSoMail is easy to set up
  • Can collect mail from POP accounts
  • Support for simple mailing lists


  • BaSoMail lacks IMAP, LDAP, Webmail
  • No content filtering, virus scanner interface
  • Supports only one domain


  • BaSoMail is a POP and SMTP server.
  • Includes support for a simple mailing list.
  • BaSoMail can collect mail from POP accounts and distribute it to local users.
  • Mail relaying can be restricted to certain IP ranges.
  • BaSoMail supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Guide Review - BaSoMail 1.24 - Mail Server

BaSoMail is not a full-blown mail server that boasts hundreds of features and configuration options. BaSoMail's strength lies in its simplicity.

BaSoMail provides SMTP services and offers mail via POP reliably, unfortunately for one domain only. Especially useful for small workgroup or home setups is the option to download mail from remote POP accounts and distribute it to local users.

Anti-spam measures are limited, but if you can limit relaying to (local) IP addresses, it's still perfect. Not surprisingly, BaSoMail lacks content filters, advanced user setup, Webmail and other extras. IMAP access and an interface to virus scanners wouldn't be bad, though.

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