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MSN Messenger for Windows 7.5 - Instant Messaging Program

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MSN Messenger for Windows - Instant Messaging Program

MSN Messenger for Windows - Instant Messaging Program

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

MSN Messenger for Windows is a feature-rich yet really easy to use instant messaging application that can also be great fun. It's a pity MSN Messenger uses a proprietary protocol, and custom filters (also against instant messaging spam) as well as secure messaging would be nice.


  • MSN Messenger for Windows is the usability champ of instant messaging applications
  • Integrates voice messaging, webcams and application sharing
  • MSN Messenger for Windows lets you play online games, be creative


  • MSN Messenger for Windows uses a proprietary protocol
  • Offers no encrypted messaging, custom filtering and little spim protection
  • MSN Messenger for Windows


  • MSN Messenger for Windows lets you communicate with text, SMS, audio and webcam video.
  • You can use custom smileys, winks, chat window backgrounds and display pictures in MSN Messenger.
  • MSN Messenger lets you send files, or you can make them available via file sharing.
  • A searchable history archives contact activity in MSN Messenger.
  • MSN Messenger lets you play games or share applications, images and calendars.
  • Integration with MSN Spaces lets you blog easily see other people's posts in MSN Messenger.
  • You can also make international phone calls and start video conferences as well as group chats.
  • MSN Messenger lets you specify who can and who can't see your online status or send you messages.
  • MSN Messenger for Windows supports Windows 98/ME/2000/3/XP, some features require Windows Messenger.

Guide Review - MSN Messenger for Windows 7.5 - Instant Messaging Program

From its modest beginnings, MSN Messenger for Windows has become a real instant messaging powerhouse. MSN Messenger lets you add audio and webcam video to instant messaging's typical text conversations. The latter can be enriched with huge animated winks and smileys. Fresh smileys and content can be added or created easily.

MSN Messenger is surpassing the traditional realm of instant messaging in yet more ways, though. You can, for example, share photos, which music you are listening to, applications and a whiteboard or play games. I'd set an alarm before clicking the "Launch Site" button, though, to make sure you are not wasting more time than you want on the gripping diversions. MSN Messenger also supports group chat, can connect to mobile devices (including SMS) and lets you send or share files easily.

In spite of this oversupply of features, MSN Messenger is easy to use and mostly well organized (with the slight exception of the configuration dialog maybe, but Microsoft never get these right). Of course, MSN Messenger is not perfect. Like other messaging clients, it suffers from the lack of a standard protocol so you can't talk to AIM or ICQ members, for example.

Even if you talk to others using MSN Messenger, conversations can't be encrypted and more filtering to make sure good messages get through while spim — instant messaging spam — is blocked would be welcome, too.

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